Schools & Clubs

The MAX® Mouthguard Company aims to provide a comprehensive mouthguard service to schools and clubs in all regions across South Africa.

Our service includes:

Providing literature to educate schools and clubs on the importance of wearing custom fitted mouthguards while participating in sports.
Arranging appointments at schools/clubs where mouth impressions can be taken for those wishing to order a mouthguard. These impressions are taken by a registered dentist or oral hygienist (a requirement of the law). All factors that could possibly affect the fit of the mouthguard are taken into account at this point e.g. stage of tooth development, orthodontic braces etc.
Casting stone models from these impressions at our laboratory. Mouthguards are then individually manufactured according to each player's own choice of colour and design.
Delivery of the finished mouthguards to your school or club. Each mouthguard will have the player's name laminated into the actual guard and the cases are clearly labelled.

How our Mouthguards are made

We carefully shape and laminate different layers of high quality EVA thermo plastic material over the stone models that we cast from the impressions that were taken from the learners. We have specially imported Thermoforming machines from Germany for this task. They combine very high pressure and heat to adapt these EVA foils closely to the stone model, thus ensuring optimum fit.

Each student’s name is laminated into the mouthguards to make individual identification possible should a school decide to make all their mouthguards in the same school colours. The MAX® branding would appear on the front part of the mouth guard.

MAX® Mouthguards offer maximum fit, maximum comfort, maximum protection and minimum impact on breathing and speech. Reduced possibility of nausea is an additional benefit.

We take great pride in the guaranteed quality of our workmanship.

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